About Me

I am a mechanical engineer currently working in the field of industrial automation. I am based in south-central Indiana.

Clearly, the technology industry is already saturated with tried-and-true solutions for needs such as basic informational websites, userbase management, and online shopping. I see no need to re-invent the wheel, which is why I have chosen to focus on building more specialized solutions.

As an engineer, I believe that robustness and lifetime scalability are crucial considerations for any application.

As a developer, I work to create efficient, responsive, and customizable tools.

These include:

  • Algorithms
    • Data-to-Report Tools - taking raw variable data as input and compiling it into a graphical report output
    • Spacial and Geometric Generators - creating images, patterns, shapes, and textures based on input parameters
    • Subjective Analysis Algorithms - determining the tone/mood/motivation behind a segment of text, voice, or music, beyond what is intrinsically evident from the objective structure
  • Web-based Applications
    • Product Customization Tools - allowing customers to modify product parameters and visualize the result three-dimensionally in their browser
    • Simulators and Calculators - tools for generating quotes, simulating equipment, and visualizing results
    • Userbase Management - despite my comment above with regards to re-inventing the wheel, I still encounter customers in need of unique userbase solutions. I aim to provide an organized, stable, and scalable database that will continue to meet the client's needs as their business grows.
  • Scripting Tools
    • Automation for Linux-based systems, including email handling and backup management
    • Windows PowerShell scripting for Active Directory management
    • VBA scripting for integrating Office applications
    • Programming for robotic systems and industrial PLCs

In addition to software, I also work with:
  • Controls and Automation
    • Control panel design, specification, and wiring
    • Safety circuit design
  • Mechnical Design
    • CAD and drafting for manufacture
    • Protoype design and 3D-printing


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